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    Default Synth look and feel examples?

    Im not entirely new to java but i am trying to use the synth look and feel feature of swing.
    I have my application using an external xml file for the look and feel however i am struggling to find examples of how to use or declare the styles of different components.
    I tried googling around to see if there was some sort of list or structure to follow and so far all i have found is this which works:
    Java Code:
      <style id="default">
        <opaque value="true"/>
          <color value="#404040" type="BACKGROUND"/>
        <font name="Lucida" size="12"/>
      <bind style="default" type="region" key=".*"/>
      <style id="textfield">
          <color value="white" type="BACKGROUND"/>
        <imagePainter method="textFieldBorder" path="Styles/images/textfieldborder.png" sourceInsets="5 6 6 7" paintCenter="false"/>
        <insets top="5" bottom="6" right="7" left="6"/>
      <bind style="textfield" type="region" key="TextField"/>
       <style id="button">
      	<!-- Shift the text one pixel when pressed -->
        <property key="Button.textShiftOffset" type="integer" value="1"/>
        <!-- set size of buttons -->
        <insets top="15" left="20" bottom="15" right="20"/>
          <imagePainter method="buttonBackground" path="Styles/images/button.png"
                               sourceInsets="10 10 10 10" />
          <font name="Dialog" size="16"/>
          <color type="TEXT_FOREGROUND" value="#FFFFFF"/>
        <state value="PRESSED"> 
          <imagePainter method="buttonBackground"
                       sourceInsets="10 10 10 10" />
        <state value="MOUSE_OVER">    
          <imagePainter method="images/buttonBackground"
                     sourceInsets="10 10 10 10" />
      <bind style="button" type="region" key="Button"/>
    While this works, i am having a huge struggle to find examples of other keys like "Button", "Textfield" etc. I would like to style a custom menu bar and all other components but again like i said there seems to be very limited examples of which Key's refer to which components in the swing gui. Menubar as a key seems to crash my application as does a variety of other keys. Can anyone maybe send me a link or give me a hint as how to find the keys of all the components in swing?

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    Default Re: Synth look and feel examples?

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