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    Default Adding text to Jtexpane

    Ok, I got a code that adds a line to a jtextpane, but the problem is that a huge space appears...

    I got user string, and message string

    The line that should show on the jtextpane is 10:30:10 | daniel > hello everybody
    The line tha appears on the jtextpane is 10:30:10 | daniel > SPACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hello everybody

    Spaceeee= a huge white space, but the forum doesn't show it :P

    None of the strings has that huge space... (tested using System.out.println), so basically it has to be a problem with this code I am using:

    tiempo=current time, got with util.calendar...

    I want the user and the mssage with two diff colors so I add two different lines with their respective color configuration:

    caja.insertString(caja.getLength(),tiempo+" | "+obtenerusuario(linea)+" > ", colorespecial );
    caja.insertString(caja.getLength(), arreglarformatonormal(linea)+"\n", colorprivados);

    What do you think it might be occuring...?

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    Default Re: Adding text to Jtexpane

    Difficult if not impossible to say without a SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable) example that demonstrates the problem.

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