I tried to get HTMLEDITOR in swing,for that i used SHEF(Swing Html Editor Framework),i got the code from SHEF,when i implemented that code i got error in this 2lines,

HTMLEditorPane editor = new HTMLEditorPane();
editor1.setEditorKitForContentType("text/html", new WysiwygHTMLEditorKit());
the error was HTMLEditorPane-cannot find the symbol & WysiwygHTMLEditorKit-cannot find the symbol

so after that i searched for the corresponding class for those two things & i got org.xnap.gui.component.HTMLEditorPane, after importing this one also Xnap is not in suggestions.........so now i want to get the corresponding class for HTMLEditorPane & WysiwygHTMLEditorKit.Otherwise is there any possibility to use any jar files if it is so what jar file can i use.............give me a suggestion..............