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    Default Layout Help..!!!

    welll...i was trying to make a login page where the heading "MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" should be in top center and in the center of frame Name:textfield and below password:textfield and bottom to the a button called LOGIN

    i can able to make them in frames by setting bounds...but when i resize the screen the content gets hide in it as there is no Layout....and i tried GRIDLAYOUT and failed as i cant able to understand how to seperate them in grids someone please do explain me,GRIDlayout to make login page and also using gridlaout for other purposes...

    SOME people saying card layout is best for login page./ please also do explain me about that....

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    Default Re: Layout Help..!!!

    Moved from New to Java.

    GridLayout (not GRIDLAYOUT) isn't your only option. Learn more about the various layout managers and make an informed choice: Lesson: Laying Out Components Within a Container (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing)

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