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    Default ListListener problems

    Hi all, Working on final project and frustrated with the lack of details my book has for listlisteners. It shows 1 example and it uses audio files.(no help to me)
    Id like to have this working for turn in tomorrow but that depends on whether i can find some straightforward info on setup. I did find a few API's but honestly
    im confused as to how to use the methods. ANY help, hints, tutorial would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    my code:
    Java Code:
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Space
       public static void main (String[] args)
          JFrame frame = new JFrame ("Space Trip");
          frame.setDefaultCloseOperation (JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);
    		//panel and label setup for splitpane
    		JPanel SpacePanel = new JPanel();
    		JPanel imagePanel = new JPanel();
    		ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon("take-off.gif");
    		JLabel imageLabel = new JLabel(icon);
    		SpacePanel imageList = new SpacePanel(imageLabel);
    		imagePanel.add (imageLabel);
    		imagePanel.setBackground (;
    		//splitpane with 2 panels and expandable set to true
    		JSplitPane split = new JSplitPane(JSplitPane.HORIZONTAL_SPLIT, imageList, imagePanel);
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class SpacePanel extends JPanel
       protected JList list, world;
    	private JComboBox Destinationbox;
    	protected JLabel label, destination;
    	protected String mass, atmosphere, temp, gravity, moons, found, image, info, distance; 
       public SpacePanel (JLabel imageLabel)
    		label = imageLabel;
    		setPreferredSize (new Dimension (300, 0));
    		setBackground (Color.white);
    		// array list of left pane inforamtion
    		String[] fileNames = { "Distance from Earth: " + distance,
                                  "Mass: " + mass,
                                  "Atmosphere: " + atmosphere,
                                  "Surface temerature: " + temp,
                                  "Surface pressure: " + gravity,
                                  "Number of orbiting moons: " + moons,
                                  "Discovered: " + found,
    										" Info: " + info, "\n\n"};
    		//array of planet names for dropdown
    		String[] planets = {"", "Mercury", "Venus", "Earth", "Mars", "Jupiter",
    								  "Saturn", "Uranus", "Neptune", "Pluto", "Quit"};
    		//lists forinfo display and listener index						  
    		list = new JList (fileNames);
    		add (list);
    		world = new JList (planets);
    		//JPanel and JLabel for dropdown
    		JPanel boxPanel = new JPanel();
    		boxPanel.setPreferredSize (new Dimension (150, 60));						  
          destination = new JLabel("Choose a planet to view");
    		Destinationbox = new JComboBox (planets);
    		add (boxPanel);
    		//listener setup for world list
    		world.addListSelectionListener (new ListListener());
          world.setSelectionMode (ListSelectionModel.SINGLE_SELECTION);
       //Represents the listener for the informationlist.
       private class ListListener implements ListSelectionListener
          public void valueChanged (ListSelectionEvent event)
             if (world.isSelectionEmpty())
                label.setIcon (null);
                String planets = (String)world.getSelectedValue();
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    public class Planets
    	String mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto;
    	private JLabel image;
    	private ImageIcon icon;
    	//override class for each planet
    	Planets Mercury = new Planets();
    	Planets Venus = new Planets();
    	Planets Earth = new Planets();
    	Planets Mars = new Planets();
    	Planets Jupiter = new Planets();
    	Planets Saturn = new Planets();
    	Planets Uranus = new Planets();
    	Planets Neptune = new Planets();
    	Planets Pluto = new Planets();
    	public String Mercury(String distance,String mass, String atmosphere, String temp, String gravity,
    									String moons, String found, String info)
    		mercury += Mercury;
    		distance = "From 77 million km to 222 million km";
    		mass = "4877.921 km in diameter and 5.5% of earth";
    		atmosphere = "95% Helium, 5% Hydrogen";
    		temp = "Ranges from 950deg F on day side,to -346deg F on night side";
    		gravity = " 1/20th that of Earth.100lbs = 38lbs";
    		moons = "No moons";
    		found = "@ 3rd millennium BC.Named after the Roman god of commerce and thievery";
    		info = "By core volume, it is the densest rocky planet. Its iron core is 2 to 3 times the size of Earth's";
    		icon = new ImageIcon("mercury.jpg");
    		return mercury;

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    Default Re: ListListener problems

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