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    Question Change language in java


    I created a java Application with serveral jframe and jdialog.
    When running app and language changes to Persian and then opening a jframe or jdialog, app's language changing to English.
    How to fixed Language in all app?

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    Default Re: Change language in java

    Are you asking how to implement different languages in your program?

    You'll have to keep track of what should be displayed in each component for each language, then switch what's being displayed when the language changes. There's no magic "change language" function.
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    Default Re: Change language in java

    Look at the ResourceBundle class.
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    Default Re: Change language in java

    It sounds like you're trying to do internationalization, which is often abbreviated i18n. Searching for those terms might find you some helpful info.

    One way of doing it is to replace every literal string in your program with a call to get() on a Map<String, String>. When the program starts, it fills that Map with Strings appropriate to the user's locale. ("Locale" is another key word you might want to search for.)
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