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Thread: Settings size for JPanels

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    Default Settings size for JPanels

    So I've got some JPanels that want to give a size, and then add them to a JFrame. My problem is that the JFrame doesn't care about which size I made the JPanels and just makes them as wide as the whole frame. How can I get around this?

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    Default Re: Settings size for JPanels

    You will want to learn about and use the layout managers to your advantage. If you read the tutorials, you will learn that a JFrame's contentPane uses BorderLayout by default, and you will learn what effect this will have on components added to the container. Some notes:

    • Avoid using null layout and absolute positioning, for on this path lies danger.
    • Avoid setting the sizes of anything if possible, but rather letting components preferred sizes and the layout managers decide how to size the GUI.
    • Call pack() on your top level window after adding all components and prior to calling setVisible(true) so as to get the layout managers to layout their components.
    • It is common to nest JPanels, each using its own layout manager in order to use simple layout managers and achieve complex layouts.
    • Avoid GridBagLayout early on unless absolutely necessary.

    For more, please see: Lesson: Laying Out Components Within a Container
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