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Thread: GridBagLayout

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    Question GridBagLayout

    how to create a GridBagLayout on JPanel with 2 rows but different size
    First row is smaller than the second row(First and second row are JPanel)

    I will add small JLabel on first row and add JScrollBar on the second panel
    Please help me
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    Default Re: GridBagLayout

    Please don't post multiple copies of the same question. I've deleted your other thread. I'm also moving this to the Swing forum.

    Recommended reading: Lesson: Laying Out Components Within a Container (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing)
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    Default Re: GridBagLayout

    GridBagLayout is pretty easy to pickup. From what you are describing, you may not need that type of layout, but here is a good example program using GridBagLayout:

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    Default Re: GridBagLayout

    Quote Originally Posted by sehudson View Post
    ... here is a good example program using GridBagLayout:
    The Oracle tutorial trail linked by Kevin addresses the matter of choice of layout, and a tutorial trumps a nominally commented source code any day.

    And that class is a really bad example of Swing coding.

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