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    Default Play A Video in JFrame

    Hey everyone, I recently decided to make a text adventure for a Sci-Fi General Elective final project. To introduce the player (my teacher) to the plot, I wanted to create a short video rather than have him read a few paragraphs of text. The issue is, I can't figure out how to play the video in Java. Most of the links google brought me to all discussed how to create an actual media player. All I want is to simply have about a 1 minute video (format doesn't matter I can always convert to the easiest format to use) play in JFrame before the player is brought to the "main menu".

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    Default Re: Play A Video in JFrame

    JavaFX has the capability to show video, but supports only a few specific formats'codecs.
    Incorporating Media Assets Into JavaFX Applications: About This Tutorial | JavaFX 2.0 Tutorials and Documentation

    If you go that route and have a question, please post in the Java FX forum.

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