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    Default Components sliding in view


    I am currently designing a game in java and while working on the GUI I got the idea of using some sort of sliding components. The idea is that there would be a few little arrows at the side of the screen, which, when clicked (or hovered over) would slide a little dialog in view at that location. These dialogs will probably have varying components, I'm thinking about a menu to equip your character, an options menu for different game settings, etc.

    The only thing I can think of is handling this entirely through an animated image, but I was guessing this would put quite some stress on the repaint loop of the game image itself..
    Would there be any other way of creating these sliding components?


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    Default Re: Components sliding in view

    Can't you just change their location in a Timer?

    The book Filthy Rich Clients talks about this, and I believe it even provides a framework for generating these types of animations. It might be worth checking out: Filthy Rich Clients
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