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    Default Display items in the JCombo Box

    Hi all,

    I have to create a combo box in which I want to seperate one of items with the others through a line separator (similar to line separators which one sees in the various tab menus).

    Well right now I've just no idea of how it can be done. So can someone just give me a clue of how it can be done?


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    /* Create a combo box and a descriptive label */
    fontStylePrompt = new JLabel("Select a font for your resume: ");
    fontStylePrompt.setAlignmentX(JLabel.CENTER_ALIGNM ENT);

    String[] fonts = {"Times New Roman", "Ariel"}
    fontStyle = new JComboBox(fonts);
    fontStyle.setAlignmentX(JComboBox.CENTER_ALIGNMENT );

    here a small snipet of code for the JComboBox that will help you

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