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    Default Simple Swing problem


    I've started learning Swing recently. I've built a simple application, however, whenever I am trying to add a new JTextField to the top (NORTH) of my panel, it just does not want to appear. Here's a chunk of code ;

    Java Code:
    public class CounterPanel extends JPanel {
        private CounterModel counter;
        private JLabel valueLabel;
        JButton upButton, downButton, resetButton;
     private JTextField inputField;
        public CounterPanel() {
            //setup the layout
            this.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
            //create model and its display:
            counter = new CounterModel();    
            valueLabel = new JLabel(""+counter.getValue(),SwingConstants.CENTER);
            //setup the listener (include a link back to here so that it can update)
            CounterListener countList = new CounterListener(this);  
            //now do the buttons
         inputField = new JTextField("0");    //Text Field
    this.add(inputField,BorderLayout.NORTH); // Position
    upButton = new JButton("Up"); //create a button
    this.add(upButton,BorderLayout.WEST); //position it
    upButton.addActionListener(countList); //set listener to listen 
    downButton = new JButton("Down"); //ditto
    resetButton = new JButton("Reset"); //ditto

    Obviously, I have been adding JTextField in other projects, and they seem to work perfectly. I just cannot understand why it doesn't appear on this example.


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    Default Re: Simple Swing problem

    Posted code looks reasonable.

    Post your Short, Self Contained, Correct Example that demonstrates the problem.

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