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Thread: Java swing program

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    Default Java swing program

    Hello, i'm learning java, but i don't understand a program that i'm supposed to do. And my teacher is not very willing to help!(I'm studying over the Internet) This is what it says:

    "Make a program that reads in 3 positive numbers(if a negative number is entered, then no more input should be possible).

    Then write out how many numbers that is bigger then 100, how many that is lower then 100 and how many that is exactly 100. Also write out how many values that has been entered.

    Also display the mean value for the numbers over 100, and the mean value for the numbers below 100."

    This is our second program that we are supposed to do. I did the first program without problems, but now i'm totally lost. How should i do? We are supposed to be working with swing. Probably i should use JOptionPane. But do i need a loop or If-statements? Any help is welcome....


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    Default Re: Java swing program

    Don't waste time blaming your teacher. Plenty of people here learned how to program without the benefit of a teacher, classmates, a school (tutors, office hours, etc).

    But what have you tried? Where exactly are you stuck? Break your problem up into smaller steps and solve them one at a time. What is the absolute smallest thing you know you have to do next?
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