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Thread: Application Memory Usage...

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    Default Application Memory Usage...

    Dear friends,

    I have a question. The application that I am writing as a study guide for Amateur Radio Licensing Examination is only half or a little less than half finished. As of now, it consists of about 9991 lines of code including blank lines and comments. I have been writing the questions in "big" string arrays consisting of 2 columns each and as many rows as necessary to complete each array. There are 3 types of licenses. Technician, General and Extra. Each license exam consists of about 395 questions of which only 35 question of the 395 are used. And you don't know which questions are on the pool of tests that they might give you. Each one is different. So, you really can't rely on memorization and should study the concepts and understand them. Just like Java. "I only scratch the surface of Java." But, I love it. Anyway, the program as is is consuming about 99 MB of memory. When finished, it will probably consume twice that. I have 3 GB of RAM. Is an application that consumes approximately 200 MB of memory considered a "memory hog?" Should I rewrite this application and read the questions in from a random access file?

    Thanks in Advance,


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