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    Question Replacing Containers?

    Hello Community,

    I'm developing a little game and i got stuck at the part where im trying to replace the content of the start menue with the content of the options menue. I don't want it to open a new Window after clicking the "Options"-Button in the Start menue. I tried to replace the container of the start menue with the container of the Options class by using getters but it won't work. I shortened the program for purpose of questioning.

    //Listener Class of the menue class

    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;

    public class MenueListener implements ActionListener{
    Menue m;
    Options o;

    public MenueListener(Menue me, Options op){
    m = me;
    o = op;
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
    Object ob = ae.getSource();
    for ( int j = 0;j< 3;j++){
    if (ob.equals(m.getBtnOp(j))){

    //start game button
    case 0: Game g = new Game();


    //options button
    case 1:
    //before trying the container replacing i tried to make every single element invisible
    // and add new stuff to the container, but then i thought there must be an easier way, so i tried container replacing.

    for (int k = 0;k < 3;k++){
    JLabel l2 = new JLabel(new ImageIcon("OptF.png"));
    l2.setVisible(true); */


    //end game button
    case 2: System.exit(0);

    I came up with this idea when i looked at the constructor of my menu where i wrote
    to add the whole stuff of JLabel l1 to my Container c
    so i tried to replace the variables in the Listener like this
    But I get this error while compiling the program. error: cannot find symbol
    symbol: variable getC
    location: variable o of type Optionen

    I would be a big help if someone could give me a hint or another idea of replacing Frame content by button clicking.

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    Default Re: Replacing Containers?

    Sounds like a job for CardLayout.
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    Default Re: Replacing Containers?

    thx a lot, that's what i needed!

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