Hi all,

I'm looking to write a simple HTML editor using Swing. This is my first Swing project and I'm fairly new to Java, and I'm looking for ideas on what libraries and classes to use.

My design spec is to have an editor window which will:
1. Allow image insertion - should be able to reposition images and also resize them. The main app window I guess should be a JFrame (beginner I know :) ). I have an idea of image buffering but what should the image be loaded into? Panel,Label,Canvas?? I tried finding classes to allow the user to drag and resize but I haven't found anything. I'd like my page elements to have re-sizing handles like in common image editors.

2. Text boxes which can also be dragged and re-sized. I don't want to support text insertion directly into the window.

3. Will have standard menubars and file finders...