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    Default Using an ActionListener To move from One JPanel in a JtabbedPane to another JPanel...

    in the same JTabbedPane.

    Okay so i'm fairly new to java programming and i can't quite figure out how to use an actionlistener on a JButton in one JPanel to move to another JPanel, both in the same JTabbedPane. I can't quite figure it out sadly. I have tried

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    if(e.getSource() == Button1)

    but that doesn't quite work (and by quite i mean it doesn't). I have already created the panel as a global variable. So please if anyone has any suggestions, please do help.

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    Default Re: Using an ActionListener To move from One JPanel in a JtabbedPane to another JPane

    If you want to change tabbed views, you'll need to call either setSelectedIndex(...) or setSelectedComponent(...) on the JTabbedPane. The API can help you here.

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