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    Default a jpanel within a jpanel

    Hello everyone,
    I have a desktop application project in which I added buttons with functionalities to it. So, they all are contained in a single JPanel, now whenever I push a certain, I have a further data to gather from the user, In that JPanel where the button is located, I have inserted another JPanel where I want my respective fields to be displayed according to the button I pressed in the main JPanel.....

    Now, my problem is that I cannot get to display that inner JPanel that I have made separately as a class,
    In my main JPanel where my buttons are located I have written an 'actionPerformed' function for that button so that I can add the respective new JPanel...
    Java Code:
    EditProfile editprofile = new EditProfile(); // editprofile is the JPanel I want to add in the main JPanel
    this.innerPanel.add(editprofile); // innerpanel is the panel where my respecitve panels that I want to add will be displayed
    this.validate(); // this is the Panel where my buttons are located
    When I execute the code, and click on the respective button, the inner JPanel(EditProfile) does'nt display itself....
    Can someone help me what I am doing wrong here???
    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: a jpanel within a jpanel

    This is possibly a layout issue -- that you're adding the new component to a container whose layout doesn't play nice with adding things like this -- but it's difficult to tell based on what you've posted. Better to create a small compilable and runnable program that demonstrates your problem, an SSCCE, and posting it here.

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    Default Re: a jpanel within a jpanel

    Also, there's no rule against using correct capitalization in the subject line. Please do so in future.

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