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Thread: JCombo Box and Hashmap confusion

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    Default JCombo Box and Hashmap confusion

    Hi, I am trying to create JCombo Box for sorting images by name, title, most recent etc.

    First I created Hashmap below is the code which does the sorting orders.

    My question is how do I connect this sorting with JComboBox drop down menu. Please can you make this work for me by writing the code.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;         // For collections.
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    //  *************************************************************************
    /** An application for handling a simple photo database.
    //  *************************************************************************
    public class RunPhotoApp2 extends JFrame implements ActionListener
        /** Creates a simple photo database and displays simple query results.
         *  @param args Command line arguments (ignored).
        public static void main(String[] args)
            // Create the two tables.
            Map<Long,Photo> photos = new HashMap<Long,Photo>();
            photos.put(3609624150L,new Photo("Female Rabid Wolf Spider","7539598@N04","08062009"));
            photos.put(3596720576L,new Photo("Head of Long Legged Fly", "7539598@N04","04062009"));
            photos.put(4336541668L,new Photo("Bronco",                 "55186440@N00","06022010"));
            photos.put(4162213878L,new Photo("P1050942v01-frost-rose", "14884524@N08","05122009"));
            Map<String,Contributor> contributors = new HashMap<String,Contributor>();
            contributors.put("7539598@N04",  new Contributor("Thomas Shahan",230));
            contributors.put("55186440@N00", new Contributor("Brian DeMeester",610));
            contributors.put("14884524@N08", new Contributor("Kilarin",104));
            // Create a sorted list of photos.
            TreeSet<Photo> sortedPhotos = new TreeSet<Photo>(photos.values());
            // Do a query and display the results.
            for (Photo photo : sortedPhotos)
                Contributor contributor = contributors.get(photo.getContributorID());
                System.out.println(photo.getTitle()+" by "+contributor.getName());
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    Default Re: JCombo Box and Hashmap confusion

    Quote Originally Posted by gsb1bee View Post
    Please can you make this work for me by writing the code.
    Please have a seat while we whip this up for you; it shouldn't take too long. Also, feel free to help yourself to some coffee and doughnuts while you wait.
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