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    Question how to create a gui "wizard like" program?

    Hi. I want to create a program which has a loging window. if the user has entered valid login info, everything related to the login window (username password text fields, login button) should be dismissed and a new set of items should appear.

    I know how to create the both user interfaces (I use JFrame with JPanel and other controls to create the interface) But my question is how do I make it so that user should feel like he has been going through a wizard as he presses the next button ? (or like html pages?)

    (I thought of creating a two different panels and putting loging items in the first panel and then set it to be dismissed and to appear the next panel if valid login data is entered. but don't know whether thats the right way to create this type of programs)

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    Default Re: how to create a gui "wizard like" program?

    First off, look into using a Swing CardLayout to allow you to swap JPanels/views easily. The tutorials will show you how to do this.

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