Hi all,

I'm currently engaged with developing an AWT Table, which can contain editable cells, and i'm stuck technically in how to enable scrolling. Actually i'm more inclined towards Swing, but it's for J2ME CDC app .. for PDA, and i gotta stick with AWT. I found many ways to do this in Swing, but no examples for AWT, depressing, haha >.<

Here goes my case. In horizontal scrolling scenario, i just want to synchronize the horizontal data area scrolling and the header area scrolling. In vertical scrolling scenario, i want the header area to stay on top, like the spreadsheet header.

Anyway, i use TableLayout in the data area panel for ease of table layouting.

I assume the correct way to enable scrolling in an AWT Table is to do the following :
1. create one panel for header at the top
2. create another panel for the data cells
3. add an invisible horizontal scrollbar for the header panel
4. add visible horizontal and vertical scrollbars for the data panel
5. when scrolled vertically, the header panel is unaffected, and the data area scrolls
6. when scrolled horizontally, the header panel also scrolls synchronously

And i have no idea how i'm gonna implement step 6, about how to synchronize the horizontal scrolling. Anyone got a simple example ? Or perhaps there are easier ways to do this .. ? I was hoping something like tableLayout.freezeFirstRow(); haha ... Or do i have to implement AdjustmentListener and clip the header panel graphics to react to the adjustment ?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated !

Albert Kam