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    Default Customized Title Bar

    Customized Title Bar

    More and more, professional software are customizing their title bars, whether it be, custom buttons or switchable tabs.
    Software that I know of:

    • MS Office 2010
    • Paint.NET
    • Firefox
    • Etc.

    I would like to know how this can be accomplished using java, and the windows Look And Feel.

    Stack Overflow Post

    Google Solutions:

    • Hide the title bar and recreate it from scratch. (.setUndecorated(true);)
    • Substance Look and Feel has some way of accomplishing title bar customization.

    However these solutions don’t provide the desired effect. There has to be a way, this way might not be easy but one must exist. If I have to combine java with some other programming language, so be it, as long as I can accomplish my goal.

    Here, is a link to a post of mine under a different username that I was able to accomplish with the .setUndecorated(true); method. However redrawing the entire title bar is tedious, and I couldn’t get it exactly right. Especially the blur effect.

    Please any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
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