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Thread: connecting two frames

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    Default connecting two frames

    how to connect two frames ?
    i.e., when an action occurs in one frame(e.g,when a button is pressed),another frame should be seen and the current frame disappears.
    i have a frame which contains a button named "login" and when it is pressed,another frame containing fields such as username and password should be seen
    how can i achieve this frame linking
    plz help me..........

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    Default Re: connecting two frames

    Pretty sure this sounds like a job for CardLayout instead of multiple JFrames.

    But you would do it exactly how you use one JFrame. What have you tried? Where's your SSCCE demonstrating where you're stuck?
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    Default Re: connecting two frames

    I agree with Kevin -- CardLayout sounds like the best solution. Otherwise if you absolutely need multiple windows, one should be the main window and should be a JFrame, the other should be a dialog window and should probably be a JDialog or its sibling, JOptionPane.

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