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    Default JPanel expanding

    I have a JPanel that is setup to a BoxLayout(Call it PanelA), that is inside of a JScrollPane.

    I am adding multiple JPanels to PanelA inside the code(not the Netbeans Designer). Each of these JPanels contains a JTable. How can I get the JPanels to be large enough to hold all the rows in the jtable?

    They keep defaulting to a size capable of displaying 25 rows. I know the Jtables are more than 25 rows because if I show the scrollbar for the individual tables, it scrolls down(maybe 100 more rows). So how can I get the JPanels that I am adding to automatically size large enough to display all the rows(without having to scroll)?

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    Default Re: JPanel expanding

    I assume you are adding the tables to a scrollpane and then you add the scrollpane to the panel. Then, to prevent scrollbars from appearing you need to do:

    Java Code:

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