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    Default Swing application not compatible on Windows 7

    Hi All,

    We have a FX trading application built using Java 1.5 using Swing as the GUI. We have built our own MVC framework over the Swing MVC model. This application works fine in Windows XP environment. However, recently machine got upgraded to Windows 7 and after that we have started getting many issues with this FX trading application. The application freezes, hangs and we cannot do anything other than closing it down and re-starting. Sometimes double clicking the dialog does NOT show any pop up. Its very slow. These all issues were not there in Windows XP operating. We can use Windows 7 COMPATIBILITY MODE to solve this issue.

    However, I want to know the solution through programming/Java code , So that for every new operating system ugrade users need not keep doing the compatibility settings.

    Please let me know if you have come across such issues before and what is the solution

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    Default Re: Swing application not compatible on Windows 7

    wow... another one of those rather vague questions. There can be so many problems its not even going to be funny and by that I mean re-designing everything. The thing with swing applications is that code you test on one OS wont always work so good on another... it will give the desired effects you want, but not always so good as on the tested OS, in example, if you insert png images on a JWindow that has shadows and you set the opaque of the JWindow to true, you will see that on windows the shadows is showing but on Mac os x there is no shadow and looks rather like a pixel mess... even things like threads can cause a mess(it always dose) and other things like how much memory your GUI uses and remember the first rule of every swing app... if you create it, you dispose it. The best answer to this question from my side would be to considering to staying with the COMPATIBILITY MODE if you want a quick way out and not spending to much time on this.
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