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    Default beautifying the GUI

    hey, it seems impossible, but i gotta ask.

    does anyone know how to make a really damn pretty GUI (like the one in Deus Ex: Human Revolution)?

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    Default Re: beautifying the GUI

    Well it shouldn't be to hard... create a JWindow, set to always on top, maximize to full screen, disable monitors that is not the main screen and start learning allot of Photoshop skills and how to create gif images... after that you need to get a rather good guide to start learning the graphics, paint, paintComponent, draw, and some 2d classes would also come in handy... when that is all done you simply need to insert the images from Photoshop on to the JWindow, insert some multi-threaded algorithms for the desired moving effects you want or go for the easy way out and simply create a nice gif with the moving effects that loops over and over. This is a rather vague question, but none the less a good one. If you would rather focus on a more specific aspect in this question i think more would be able to help you in a much better way.

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