I am thinking of developing an application that allow user to perform free hand drawings and after the user have finished his/her drawings, the user can select (e.g. from buttons) to perform stroke effect (e.g. SloppyStroke) on their drawings.

My idea is to first allow the user to perform hand drawn, then save the coordinates using an ArrayList and use the coordinates to apply the SloppyStroke effect. I have doubts about Stroke class and the ability to applying the SloppyStroke effect on free hand drawings. As I have seen from examples of applying stroke effect on Shapes. Example: Custom Strokes : Stroke*«*2D Graphics GUI*«*Java

Is it possible to apply stroke effect on free hand drawings too? If yes, how should I go about it? If not, are there other examples on applying sort of "Jitter" effects on the coordinates saved from free hand drawings?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!