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    Default isEnabled() method

    i want to add isEnabled() method to JTextField, i write a code

    Java Code:
    tRate=new JTextField();
    	if (tRate.isEnabled()){
    	JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(c,"press any key to get rate");
    but it is giving message just after compilation of program instead when tRate is enabled

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    Default Re: isEnabled() method

    The code is written to be run when the tRate text field is created, so this behavior should come as no surprise. Writing an if block will not magically make it activate if tRate is enabled. Instead it will only be able to tell you the state of tRate at that point in time, right when the GUI is created. It seems you instead want to listen for when tRate is enabled, and that means having to listen for this event, probably by adding a PropertyChangeListener to your JTextField and listening for the "enabled" property.

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