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    Default [jFreeChart] Converting screen-points to points, which are relative to the axis


    I'm playing a bit around with jFreeChart. What I would like to do is, to klick onto the graph and get the coordinates (within the graph), which i klicked on.

    I found the method mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) within the ChartPanel Class.
    e.getX() gives me a number relative to the window.
    Now i searched around and tried many ways to, from there, get the coordinates i clicked on. Anyways, I was not able to find a method which suited that propose.

    There exists a method called translateScreenToJava2D(Point p), which sounds just like what I'm saerching for, but it does not return the wished value.

    Do you have a suggestion for me, which way I could use?


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    Default Solved

    I do not know whether this is the "normal" way to get the coords, but I found a solution:
    The Class ChartEntity has a tooltip field, which contains, as a String, the Coordinates and the name of the dataset.

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