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    Default Need help finding tutorials on populating GUI with SQL resultset data


    I am looking for suggestions on tutorials/easy-to-understand information on taking a jdbc result set (data type ResultSet), and populating elements in a javaframe with the result set (while allowing the displayed data to be modified by the user).

    Here are two links to a Jframe screenshot (they both show the same image) which conceptually illustrate what I'd like to achieve:

    flickr image
    Imageshack image

    In the resultset, the rows have information on transactions for certain accounts, and there will be a total of 3 distinct account names. I'd like to make a JCombobox which allows the user to select one of those 3 accounts, and then an area below would show all the various transactions for that account. That data would show in comboboxes/textfields that could be altered by the user and saved to the database when a Save button is pressed.

    I do not need information on actually getting the resultset. It's just doing useful things with the resultset that I cannot do :(

    A lot of other answers to posts suggest looking at Sun Swing tutorials, but I can't seem to find anything applicable to me. Perhaps I don't know what I'm looking for, or don't know what words to search for in google. So, any direct links to resources on this topic (Sun tutorials or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ok, thanks camickr. That's one part of the problem down, but there is still the matter of being able to take that displayed data, change some values if desired, and then save the changes back to the database. That article seems to have read-only functionality. I'm also looking to have database writing capability as well on the displayed data.

    Further suggestions on that area from anyone is desired.

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