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    Default Connect MenuItem to status bar text

    Hi all,

    I have an application with a JMenuBar. To every MenuItem I added a MouseListener that will change the status bar text to show a description of the MenuItem.

    I'd like to have this behavior also when navigating the menu with the keyboard. I have no idea how to do it as a KeyListener won't provide the functionality needed.

    Your input would be valued.

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    Try a FocusListener


    edit No, a FocusListener isn't triggered. You can use a ChangeListener on the lines of
    Java Code:
    ChangeListener changeListener = new ChangeListener() {
      public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e) {
        if (((AbstractButton) e.getSource()).getModel().isArmed()) {
          setStatus("Now in " + ((AbstractButton) e.getSource()).getText());
        } else {
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    Hey thanks a lot :-)

    Works like a charm for keyboard and mouse as well.

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