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    Default Printing text identically to AbiWord

    I am coding a medical program that needs to print identically to Abiword. The reason is because the user lays a 96 well plate onto a piece of paper to identify positives and the gui is text based. It took an act of God to get the black squares under the 96 wells to line up the first time in AbiWord. Now when I print from my program I've designed, the horizontal and vertical text spacing is different and the wells no longer line up. I'd rather not have to create an extra step for the user (copying and pasting output into AbiWord and adjusting margins and font) but I am stumped. The fonts are both Courier New and 12 pt. Same printer too. I also came to find out that AbiWord was coded in cpp. Is it possible that it just prints text differently? How do I match my program to it?

    Also, notepad has the same formatting.
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