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    Unhappy How to create scrollbar in Java

    I run my application in netbeans IDE, and I want to create a scrollbar page which contains 3 textFields and near each textfield, there is a button to save the text, I want that if the user clicks on the last button, another textField and a button for saving itís text being shown on the scrollbar page,Ö! Now my problem is How can I create this Scrollbar page, I have searched about How to create a scrollbar in Netbeans but there wasnít any source code for netbeans! I appreciate if anyone tell me How Can I create it or show me a source code!

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    JScrollPane tutorial.
    Read the whole thing, but you'll want to pay attention to the bit about dynamically sizing the client (that is the underlying component).

    By the way, you are developing your app in Netbeans. Unless you are using the GUI builder (which is a bad idea if you;re not well-versed in Swing and the GUI builder) there is nothing about Netbeans that makes your app Netbeans-specific.

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