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    Default OS-independently display a file system in a JTree view

    Hi everyone,

    I've come across numerous references regarding the basics of how to create a JTree file system display, but is there a good reference for building one that will successfully display the file system regardless of whether the application is executed on OS X, Linux, or Windows? Is something like that even supported using the Swing library?

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    I guess you would make a TreeModel subclass the implementation of whose methods would depend heavily on a FileSystemView instance supplied when it was created. You would probably want a subclass of DefaultTreeCellRenderer that would rely on the file system view to display labels and icons appropriately.

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    Google "JTree file system"...there are many code examples which demonstrates how to use a JTree to display the file system, and if you use the File class it should be relatively straightforward. You would need to define what the root of the tree is could define this for the platform, or use the System.getProperty("user.home");

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