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    Default Drag question: event not recurring


    I've looked all over and cannot find an answer to a question i have.

    I have a class implementing MouseListener. Trying to use drag/drop mechanism - I seem to have a problem. Irom the MouseDragged event I call a method from the component the mouse is over, lets call it class A (abstract). The method is implemented in classes B(mothod does nothing) and C(mothod does some not-so-heavy lifting) that extend A.

    The problem is, when the implementation in class C is executed, it brings to a hold the recurrance of the swing drag events. I printed to the screen every time an event occurs to try and debug, and the output is:

    if the empty method is called:
    "MousePressed MouseDragged MouseDragged...(repetitive) MouseDragged Mosereleased"

    if the fully implemented method is called:
    "MousePressed MouseDragged"

    I tried to use InvokeLater but didn't think it would help and it didn't. I also tried running the "heavier" code in a different thread (created a thread subclass in class C that calles the original method, and created an instance of it + started it. Did not work either.

    Ideas? Im grasping at straws here..


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    To get better help sooner, post a SSCCE that clearly demonstrates your problem.

    Don't forget to use the code tags so your code retains its formatting.


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    Got it. Dumb mistake - tried to redraw un the middle of the drag and obviously that killed everything. Thanks.

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