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    Default Need help with ActionEvent/ItemEvent

    I am trying to call the displayJButtonActionPerformed(evt) from 8 different JCheckBox methods similar to the one I posted below. I want to do this because it is more efficient and will cut down on some code. I have used this in the past but now that I am using an Actionevent and and ItemEvent I am getting an error when using (evt) as a a parameter, when trying to use displayJButtonActionPerformed(evt) in the addAnotherJCheckBoxItemStateChanged. I am using netbeans GUi editor so it created the methods for me when I select the acton I want to use. The error says....
    Required: java.awt.event.ActionEvent
    Found: java.awt.event.ItemEvent

    What Can I do to fix this?

    private void displayJButtonActionPerformed(java.awt.event.Actio nEvent evt) {
    Invoice showInvoice = new Invoice();

    private void addAnotherJCheckBoxItemStateChanged(java.awt.event .ItemEvent evt) {

    if (addAnotherJCheckBox.isSelected())
    Invoice.isaddOneChecked = true;
    Invoice.isaddOneChecked = false;

    Invoice showInvoice = new Invoice();

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    Refactor. Specifically take the code which you want to be common to displayJButtonActionPerformed() and the various checkbox methods and put it into its own method. Then call that method each time you need it.

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