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    Default please help urgent

    i need a small sample program about picture puzzle in netbeans ide
    because i dont know more about gui and how to use
    thank us and hope to answer me quickly
    and if i can take a useful book or tutorial talk about simple picture puzzle it will be verygood thing
    thank all

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    What do you mean a "picture puzzle"?

    Double posting makes you look like double the idiot:

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    Not trying to intentionally put more wood on the fire.. but why is there are more and more posts similar in nature to yours? The attributes I speak of are:

    1) less than 5 posts,
    2) obviously not fluent in English
    3) line breaks are not natural, making for horrible reading, visually
    4) careless handle or name
    5) looking for homework answers
    6) horrible thread title

    It's as if a) it's the same person posting under multiple names, probably with many yahoo or hotmail accounts for whatever reason, and/or b) it's many folks from one corner of the world that need assistance in posting before they ever dream of getting assistance in a programming language.

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