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    Default creating an image from scratch

    Here is what I have:
    2 dimensional array of colors with RGB values. (like pixels)

    Here is what I need:
    an image reflecting the contents of that 2d array.

    I have researched this a bit and read about images, bufferedImages, rasters, writableRasters, and the like but I dont quite understand how to use them. My ultimate goal is to create an image from scratch using the RGB values stored in the array and write them to a bitmap file or something.

    Any easy way to do this?


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    Create a BufferedImage, use the getGraphics() method to get its Graphics2D object. Draw on the Graphics2D object and use the ImageIO class to save the BufferedImage.

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    For your problem, perhaps what you want to do is create a BufferedImage as Jos states above, but call getRaster() on it to extract the BufferedImage's WritableRaster object. Then you can draw via one of the many setPixel(s) method overloads to your heart's content.

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