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    Default problem making a gui

    Hi I use netbeans IDE to build my multithreaded server .
    so I built some gui with two buttons Start and Stop and a label called Status(online/offline)
    the two buttons have action listeners and in the start button action listener
    I put the code below to start the server I run the application and I press start button
    and it start the server but the gui server (the jframe stop response) here is the code to start the server :

    Java Code:
        	int port_number=2222;
                try {
        	    serverSocket = new ServerSocket(port_number);
        	    System.out.println ("SpeedChat Server Is Online!!!");
                catch (IOException e)
        	    try {
        		clientSocket = serverSocket.accept();
        		for(int i=0; i<=9; i++){
        			    (t[i] = new clientThread(clientSocket,t,"100","",i,clientSocket.getInetAddress().getHostAddress())).start();
        	    catch (IOException e) {
    why this happen and how I fix this ??
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    Read this: Concurrency in Swing.

    It will tell you what your problem is (a frozen Event Dispatch Thread) and how to solve it with a SwingWorker object.

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