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    Default Refresh JTable data


    I have a Jtable showing 100s of record.I want to refresh the table with the new data on a button click(button click will get a single row).

    I am geting the data on button click but the Jtable is not refreshing with the new row .It displays the old data only?

    What could be the issue,can someone please help me?


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    You have already posted 2 questions on this topic:

    You have been given help. We are not mind readers. We can't guess what you might be doing wrong. You have been asked for a SSCCE by multiple members of the forum. You refuse to post one so you are on your own.

    Not only have you posted multiple postings on this topic you posted multiple postings on an IDE problem. You where asked not to do that. In fact a moderator closed the second posting.

    Also, you asked a "what if" question without doing any work on your own:

    You never respond to these postings, you never post code. You've been given plenty of chances. I'm sure form members are getting tired of your behaviour. I know I am which is why I won't respond until you make an effort.

    To solve your problem you create a simple program with some hard coded data in the table. Then you create an "Add Row" button that will also add some hard coded data to the table model. Once you get this working you can apply the knowledge to your real program that uses dynamic data. This is a SSCCE and absolutely nothing to do with confidential data or code.
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