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    Smile Need help with JCOMBOBOX

    Hello to all!
    I need your help with JcomboBox, while setting files in it.
    Examine following code:

    File[] file_list = getFileList();
    JComboBox box = new JComboBox(file_list);
    JFrame frame = new JFrame();

    Assume getFileList() is a function that returns an list of files residing in a specific directory and cannot be changed.

    Above code displays a frame with a combo box where I can choose between all the files.
    My problem is the files are shown with their full path (for example c:\documents and settings\administrator\.....) which could be very long and pointless since they're all in the same directory.
    I want to see only the file name.

    Said that there are 2 ways to fix the above code.

    Values in combobox should still be files, meaning I will be able to do:
    File f = (File)box.getSelectedValue();

    I have searched many forums, books but still not find any solution.
    Will very much appreciate your help!

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