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    Default how to fix the size of buttons?

    when i put buttons inside a frame with GridLayout, the buttons are always resized according to the size of the frame, which i don't want, so is there a way to make the size of the button fixed?
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    Your post doesn't give us enough useful information to allow us to give you a helpful answer. Please read the link in my signature below on "how to ask smart questions" as it will give several useful suggestions on what we need in order to be able to help you out.

    Much luck.

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    That is the functionality of the GridLayout. One way is to use another layout manager like a FlowLayout.

    Or another option is to add the panel with your buttons to another panel, then add this second panel to the frame. By default the second panel uses a FlowLayout which will respect the size of the panel using the GridLayout.

    You need to read up on Layout Managers to understand what each does and to learn how to use them together.

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