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    Default Embedding applet into HTML

    I am running TestNG which will generate my test result and using these results I need to create a report
    This program(let us say is starting point for execution

    I want in output

    An html file(which will be created by javacode) and
    an applet embedded into that HTML fille

    What should be the flow control of program,I am not able to decide ?

    If I import the applet generating file/package in ,how will I instantiate the applet(using JApplet) because nothing will happen if I will use
    AppletGenerator g1=new AppletGenerator(); in

    The second approach is pass the control to another program using exec() method.Which approach should I go for?

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    What does this have to do with AWT/Swing?


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    How would I acheive this ?

    Which approach should I choose?

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