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    Default Problem with jTable


    I have a situation where I have a main screen showing 1000 records in a jtable.
    There is a button which opens up a seach screen to search one particular id among the 1000 record so that a new screen opens up with just 1 row of record.
    The record is fetched correctly from database but it is not displayed as a row in the jTable.i dont know what is wrong?

    Its like Screen 1 having a jtable and search button
    Screen 2 is same as screen 1 with just 1 record.I tried to remove the data from the jtable by
    and then display the new record.

    Do I ahve to do anything special to make the new record visible.Please can anyone provide any clues.

    Please help its urgent.


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    somebody please help.


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    It's hard to know how to help you as we have no idea what your code looks like. If it's truly "urgent", you might want to simplify your code, create an SSCCE just to try to work on and solve the problem and post it here. This will offer your best chance of getting a quick helpful answer.

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