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    Default How to print from Default List Model

    Heya guys so I've got a list of items in a default list model for example

    productlist = new ProductList();

    productlist.addProduct("01", "Apples", 1.45, "Fresh Green Apples", true);

    and I've got everything working but now I've got a button "Print all items"

    and it's supposed to print every single item or element in my productlist to screen, or a pop-up window either way I will know how to print them out. But i need a method to get all the elements from the list how do i achieve that? Do i use iterators? Or some one suggested using toString method but I'm not too familiar with them, maybe you guys have more elegant or easier solution?

    give me an example, thank you!

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    If you read the DefaultListModel API docs, you'll find an 'elements()' method that returns an Enumeration of all the items in the list. Alternatively, you can iterate over the list itself using the 'get(index)' method.

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