Hi every one;

I'm writing a Java desktop program with a system tray icon. Every thing is fine, but there is one problem: The pop-up menu and all menu items of the tray icon are really ugly in Linux! Why?! Because it's not Swing! I am forced to use java.awt.PopupMenu because of java.awt.TrayIcon!!

Now my question is that is there any way of having a tray icon with a swing JPopupMenu?

I've searched all over the Internet; I've found some things but none of them is a clean solution. In one of my searches I encountered a new class called JXTrayIcon which accepted JPopupMenus; this was suppose to be in JDK-6u10 but it's not!

Any way, does any one know about a clean solution for the ugly AWT pop-up menu of TrayIcon? Or a way to use Swing's JPopupMenu with AWT's TrayIcon?

Thanks in Advance