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    Default Background image in Jwindow

    Hello, im doing this project for school. Now i have to build a splash screen for my program but i don't know how to put an image at the background, and my text has to come above it.

    Java Code:
    public class SplashScreen extends JWindow {
        private int tijd;
        private JLabel lblInfo;
        private JPanel pnlContent;
        public SplashScreen(int tijd){
            this.tijd = tijd;
        public void initialiseerComponenten(){
            lblInfo = new JLabel("Copyright 2011, Jonas Meel & Vincent Huysmans");
            pnlContent = new JPanel();
        public void layoutComponenten(){
            pnlContent = (JPanel)getContentPane();
            //onderstaande code zorgt ervoor dat de splashscreen steeds in het midden van het scherm staat
            int w = 500;
            int h =300;
            Dimension scherm = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize();
            int x = (scherm.width-w)/2;
            int y = (scherm.height-h)/2;
            pnlContent.add(lblInfo, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
        public void toonSplash(){
            try { Thread.sleep(tijd); } catch (Exception e) {}
    Sorry for my grammar im from Belgium

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    use the 'paint' method to draw an image on the window. Make sure that at the end of the method you call 'super.paintComponents()' and that you make any panels or other components going in the window transparent.

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