I am on a RedHawk 4.1.5 box using Java 1.5.0_10. We are using the Java logger with a logging level set to FINEST. In the log created we see our developer specified log messages but we also see:

sun.awt.X11.XToolKit callTimeoutTasks
FINER: XToolkit.callTimeoutTasks(): current time=xxxxxxxxxxxx; tasks=null

This log message is makes up about 90% of our log file and it occurs so frequently that the log file grows in size very fast. This message did not appear when we used Java 1.4.2. Is there any way I can get rid of this log statement? What does it mean?

We tried to add -Dawt.toolkit=sun.awt.motif.MToolkit to the java commandline, this got rid of the messages above but now we are getting some key focus java system messages.

Any ideas? Are the two related in some way?