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    Default Mouse listening across layers


    I am having some troubles implementing mouse listening across layers.

    I currently have a panel with 2 subpanels as children laying on top of one another. The first panel has an image while the second has a shape.

    This image panel is clipped by a circle, and the shape panel adds a shape of a circle to give the clip a nice border and also has some other shapes drawn around the image in the blank area created by the clip.

    I would like to add the functionality of allowing a user to draw a box on the image but if a corner is dragged past the limits of the circle the clipping circle will automatically take care of this. This means to me that I need a listener on the image layer to take care of several different types of mouse clicks, (click press, click release, etc) .

    I also want to add a listener to the shape layer that does something else on a mouse click.

    So far I can't get these to happen at the same time. If I have a listener on the shape layer which is above the image layer, the image layer doesn't hear, but if I turn off the listener on the shape layer the image layer works fine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I would suggest you throw together an SSCCE that demonstrates the problem. Make it as short as possible- we probably don't need all of the clipping and drawing stuff, just a couple of JPanels with a listener set up in the way you have it. That way we have some code to work from.
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