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    Default Mac OS X, Swing & Spaces - how to determine on which space given Java window is?

    Hi all,

    Please, is there any way how to determine position of a JFrame (or any window) in Mac OS X Spaces? It is easy to find position and size on the screen, but I could not find out how to determine the active space. I need to detect that a window has been moved from space to space and move toolbars with it.

    Thanks for help.

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    I'm guessing Max OS X spaces are the same thing as workspaces in GNU/Linux.
    If so than it is a OS dependent feature, and your best change is the look for a library written in C (or alike) and bind it with Java.
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    I was thinking about a JNI based solution, which will probably work after all. However, I was hoping in some hidden, undocumented function directly in Java :)

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